VLOGGING: How I started vlogging about Romania for English speakers

Simon’s Cat, Maxim Bady and, more recently, Langfocus – these are some of the YouTube channels I follow. The first two provide pure fun, while the last presents languages in their historical context. As a consumer of vlogs myself, what do I aim to do with my vlogging?

A month ago I published the teaser for my YouTube vlogging. I introduced myself as a Romanian writer and journalist in the UK and I briefly expressed the overall aim of the videos. The teaser caught some people’s interest, while others regarded it as too plain. For me, it was the first successful step in front of the camera.
Watch my most recent video below. I chose to talk about the first thing many British people will recognise about Romania.

Romanians – the most unknown nation in Europe

By vlogging, I deliver my Romania and my cultural heritage to English speakers throughout the world. Us Romanians continue to play the role of the least known nation in Europe. When you come across mainstream media reports about our home country, you can form completely different opinions depending on whom you listen to/read. You might learn about the continuous fight against corruption. You could also find out about how much progress the country has actually made. Or you could fear that all the rapists and petty thieves from Romania are heading for the UK now.

Are women in Romania all wearing scarves, as therefore they must be Muslim?
Are most Romanians living in the countryside and travelling by horse pulled carts?
Are Romanian villages all thrown back in time, almost medieval?

What brought me to the UK and why I believe in my cultural mission

About 7 years ago, I decided to move to the UK for one main reason: to further advance in media and literature. After creating back home and strengthening the Romanian culture from within, I aimed to take it with me, out into the world. As a country only one century old this year, we present an incredibly old and underestimated culture. I mean to create a bridge between the British culture I chose to grow in, and the Romanian heritage I value and want to share.

This website serves as a bigger portal for my media and writings to open to the world. It shows a more in depth vision over both Romania and the UK. But video today can potentially reach more people, faster, in a more casual, playful, entertaining way. What will bring us closer to each other if not sharing our families’ histories, our favourite recipes and our most loved places to visit?

I include multimedia in most of my reporting

During the years of studying towards the MA degree in Online Journalism, I discovered a passion for multimedia. Soon after diving into the world of online content, inserting video and audio in all reporting became a must. I find the possibility fascinating: to combine more tools in order to capture more detail, flavour and meaning.

While interviewing Dorset artists and the people who make Birmingham Christmas market happen, I developed the confidence to get myself in front of the camera. The first time I did it, in 2016, it felt terrifying. All the experience I gained since turned it into a fun way to reach people with the stories I want to tell. And now I am almost at risk of being addicted to it!

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  • sanda varareanu March 4, 2018 at 8:17 pm Reply

    Bravo,Catalina !M-ai surprins inca o data ! Mult succes pe mai departe ! Sanda

    • CatalinaLGeorge March 4, 2018 at 10:28 pm Reply

      Multumesc, Sanda. Vloggurile acestea le public acum de doua ori pe luna, pe YouTube. Daca dai subscribe acolo, iti va trimite in cutiuta de gmail cand sunt publicate. Multumesc frumos pentru sustinere.

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