The media expert can make it happen

media expert can bring your online project or business to life. If you want to reach people with good content, gain their attention and engagement, and do not have video, audio and writing expertise yourself, you might need someone who does.

What can a media specialist do for online projects or businesses?


In my previous articles I explored business ideas for the freelance journalist. I researched and experimented with a business plan. I tried a creative thinking method which helped me strengthen, express and even sell my business idea. The video pitch is intended to summarise all the work I have done over the previous weeks.

Let us do the same now in writing.

The Internet today offers a great pool of learning resources. One can learn how to record video and audio, how to edit, how to make them work efficiently online. One can learn how to write, how to build a website and how to manage social media accounts. But when people have a business to run, they might not have the time and resources to do all these by themselves.

As a journalist with 5 years experience in print and nearly a decade of blogging, I know how to write. Specialising in online journalism, I now know how to make video and audio content which works for this publishing environment. So this is what my freelancing business can be all about: what I know and can do, and who needs my expertise.



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