“SISTER OF WAR” POETRY: encounters

In the intro for my newly-launched vlog, I mentioned my poetry book “Sister of war”, published in 2012 in Romania. There is a story to this, as I left the country in 2011 and never expected any longer an email back from the editor, after months of waiting. The reply then rested in my old, unused inbox for months.

I translated the poem dedicated to my home city of Timisoara. The tenderness I always felt about the place, the melancholic sweetness of a city which rose with the progressive period of the Austro-Hungarian Empire linger with me. So did the sadness of a world which perished while contemplating its dreams.
Most of my poems in this book have an air of loss about them. I couldn’t write today again as I did back then.



in the evening
each street has a twin
another trail of dusty luminous air
the tarmac loses its hardness and certitude
when the whole city floats in suspension
hooked through a few plazas
with patios and passerby
who give the impression they all breath together
in a singular way
they all forgot to introduce themselves
and arrived exactly where they wanted to be

as always
when I leave home only my spine walks out of the door
a contorted spear fissured here and there
along the way other parts grow out of it
necessary to shape the skeleton
then the flesh
and lastly the womanly parts
they walk alone by the corners of the plazas
now petrified in a common smile

(the blood inside
draws a delicate film over stretched senses
with every graze against the general breath)

after such encounters
my heart lingers around crumpled in its own wrinkles

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