Poetry performance at Stafford Poetry Slam – October 2018

My first time at Stafford Poetry Slam, I performed this poem in the first round. I  went through to the the final, where I came second. I haven’t done many slams before, despite writing since childhood, so I am very pleased with the result. 

Trying to decide what poems could fit with this event, I re-discovered this one. Written during my first 2 months in the UK, in 2011, it opens the way into a very difficult time for me. The organiser of the slam, local poet Mel Woodend, chose The Mind as a theme. And to me, the best image to simply describe the mind would be a hive where reality hums in and out of, a space of identity, but also deception. In our minds, we create ourselves and the world, but we also learn how to step outside of this tight circle.

the mirror room

eyes in the mirror and lost thought
while the jet stream strucks the barriers of sleep
and you can even hear angry horns on London’s streets
the warble of traffic soars from the road below
inflicting dizziness

if you want to do something completely poetic
take a sieve and go out to sift the rain
grow a liquid shadow
to reach where not even your mind dares to

if you want to see deeper
ignore windows
just take a look at the broken necklace
the pink beads spread everywhere
you will see yourself kneeling to pick them up
you will feel your thought
the mirror behind can tell the story

in the mirror room you can
chop and glue you can
touch the other side
hear the space filtered through your flesh
as long as you
keep sensing inside out
outside in

one passage at a time

when you have already gathered the here and now
swirling around your arms
reach up
reach out

step through the mirror


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