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The Journalist

The Journalist

I told the stories of Romanian spa resorts and theater actors. Now I tell you stories of West Midlands&more.

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The Writer

The Writer

I started writing at the age of 9. Two poetry books published in Romanian, now I work on two novels in English inspired by my family history.

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The Traveller

The Traveller

Prague, Copenhagen, Berlin, Istanbul, New Orleans - I visited all of them and wondered with a heart wide open at their beauty and personality.

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Trace Powis Castle’s history on the rhododendron path. Best of the UK I

Grey steel evening skies, the unique shades of green and the vivid sunset colours. Tea rooms and castles. Layered gardens and packed gardening centres. Terry Pratchett, Dr. Who and… National Trust. Have you guessed what this is all about? National Trust: the first bite of the best of the UK Whether this best of the…

Paul Bradshaw about online media: “There has been a tremendous amount of change”

Paul Bradshaw, leading specialist in mobile and digital media, talks about how journalism today evolves into a multifaceted, extremely dynamic and technology developing field. I interviewed him on the changes brought by 2016 and what to expect in 2017. Watch Paul talk about how 2016 marked important transformations in mainstream media. National newspaper The Independent closed…

VIDEO INTERVIEW: Karen Price teaches belly dance in the West Midlands

I met Karen Price last year at her RaqsW6 event, the annual belly dance show in the Wolverhampton area. Professional artists from around the UK and from abroad perform at Karen’s shows, together with her local students and her Shikidim dance troupe. Watch Karen teach her new beginners class in Perton. She talks about how the life long…

Romania 2017: A closer look at Romanian protests and political background

We published the first part on recent protests in Romania, with real Romanians’ stories. Today we continue with more witness accounts, as well as in depth analysis by people involved in the events, and their current worries. Media accounts transition from initial reports on Romanians peacefully taking the streets to more in depth analysis of what…

Stories of Romania 2017: How Romanians peacefully took the streets against their Govt (part I)

What has been actually happening in Romania over the last week? International media such as the BBC, The Guardian, The New York Times  and Le Monde report on big scale protests against the Romanian Government, unprecedented since the 1989 upraising against former dictator Ceausescu. (photo by Dan Mihai Balanescu) As a Romanian myself, I regularly check social media for posts…

VIDEO: What about knowing somebody from Eastern Europe?

Would you watch a video about somebody’s home/homeland? Would somebody you did not know, from a country you do not know a lot about, have any chance to gain your attention? How much would you want to learn about somebody from Eastern Europe? The first complex video I ever made, with a very basic tool…

REPUBLISHED: 116-year-old butchers in Ringwood criticise supermarkets for “conning” customers

We have republished this story, which first appeared on landinside.wordpress.com, before moving to a new domain. A story of the oldest butchers in Ringwood, Hampshire, still serving a loyal clientele, as it seems, after more than a century since the first shop was opened in the family.  Read and watch the immersive story of Michael Charles…

Where do we go now? A reflection on media reflection

Look at the mainstream media. Now look at social media. In the first days of 2017, both mainstream media and social media seem thick with 2016 retrospectives, on all levels of content. It is not that surprising. Still, I personally cannot remember it having happened so much, and so overwhelmingly in previous years. At least…