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The Journalist

The Journalist

I told the stories of Romanian spa resorts and theater actors. Now I tell you stories of West Midlands&more.

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The Writer

The Writer

I started writing at the age of 9. Two poetry books published in Romanian, now I work on two novels in English inspired by my family history.

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The Traveller

The Traveller

Prague, Copenhagen, Berlin, Istanbul, New Orleans - I visited all of them and wondered with a heart wide open at their beauty and personality.

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How the studio session went: a shared passion for photography

Recently, I had my first studio photo shoot with my friend, photographer Gareth Reed. Gareth is working on his MA final project and focuses on portrait photography. As for me,  I grew up with photos taken of me at every possible occasion. This time, I could put myself in front of the camera in a completely…

VLOGGING: How I started vlogging about Romania for English speakers

Simon’s Cat, Maxim Bady and, more recently, Langfocus – these are some of the YouTube channels I follow. The first two provide pure fun, while the last presents languages in their historical context. As a consumer of vlogs myself, what do I aim to do with my vlogging? A month ago I published the teaser for…

SATURDAY REVIEW: “The Greatest Showman” loses to the intensity of “Moulin Rouge”

The Greatest Showman promised entertainment and it delivered exactly that. A change for Hugh Jackman after the heavy, dark Logan, it excited me to see the actor in the character of an inspired businessman. However, I held off from reviewing until I had, finally, also watched Moulin Rouge. Lively dance routines and positive vibes fill…

MapMyCV: a coding team as diverse as it gets

The School of Code presented their first Bootcamp recruits mid-January, with a Demo Day to show off their projects. Out of the five teams, MapMyCV stood out through its diversity and the practicality of their product: a visual, digitized CV. The team members came from as different backgrounds as it gets. All the 19 code…

SATURDAY REVIEW Transcendence or why AI ends badly

With a movie like Transcendence, I struggle to write a review free of spoilers. All the action and situations wrap around the core idea and they don’t make so much sense without it. More than a sci-fi production about AI, this 2014 film talks about a major ethical issue.  Scientist Evelyn Carter faces her husband…

SATURDAY REVIEW Tim Burton enchants with gifts of beauty and peculiarity

The Florence and The Machine video from “Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children” illustrates the movie better than the trailer does. It captures the feeling of that world, it plunges deeply into the heart of beauty and darkness of this Gothic treasure Tim Burton gave us in 2016. The music video presents it in a…

INTERVIEWS: UK authors and artists showcase at Birmingham Comic Art Show

About 60 comics sellers, artists and writers displayed their work at Birmingham Comic Art Show last weekend. Brighton based author Kevin Gunstone and Manchester illustrator James Chapman talked to Landinside about their books. Hosted by Birmingham City University, the event offered both a chance to meet creators from the industry and panels to discuss and find out more. Most visitors stopped at…

VIDEO Antifascists and Britain First dispute the streets of Birmingham

On Saturday afternoon, June 24, antifascist protesters opposed Britain First supporters rallying in the city centre. With anger on both sides, they targeted each other with mirroring chants: “Nazi scum, out of Brum” versus “Muslim scum, off our streets”.  With video footage from the starting point, interviews with protesters and supporters, and the Britain First march to Centenary Square, Landinside…