What can the media expert do for you?

In  my last article, Birmingham Faith Map media project was the ancient Mesopotamian irrigation system to change dry lands into fertile terrain. Now we will break this metaphor down to test it and make it work.


Without further ado, I will expose 3 segments of my value proposition in a more structured way:

  • Value proposition – how does my business create value for my client?
  • Key activities – what activities do I set in motion to create value?
  • Client segments – who gains out of what I do?

Value proposition – what do they gain if I work for them?

What do I have to offer which my client (Birmingham City Council) would need and value? What do they already have, and how can I take it further?

Like the ancient people in Mesopotamia, Birmingham City Council currently has a great resource which is not being used in a very efficient way. They also have a tool which does not reach all the people who could need or gain something of value to them out of using it.

  • Ancient Mesopotamia had two rivers which could provide water to the dry lands and make them fertile. Without a system to provide that water where it was needed, the rivers just flooded vast areas every few years and did not help at all
  • Birmingham City Council has a richness of faith in one of the most cities in the UK. Without a system to strengthen the local communities, to keep them working together, this richness is overfilling certain segments of these communities, but failing to reach others and created cohesion.

How can I make it happen for my client?

Just like the engineers of Ancient Mesopotamia, I can create value in a static, unproductive situation.

  • Ancient engineers built an irrigation system (canals, water basins, ditches). This system took the water where it was needed. It also relieved the flooding at the time it was happening.
  • The media specialist builds a functional online system (news updates, social media accounts/pages, good connection and communication with faith groups and organisations). Reaching local people, this system would keep them engaged and interested. This will then strengthen the community, increase reputation and create a strong connection between the client (Birmingham City Council) and the people they want to reach.

Who benefits from turning Birmingham Faith Map into a strong online presence?

To round up, not only Birmingham City Council will have to gain from my activities, but so will the people they work for. Again, let us take the two sides of my metaphor and see how they are similar:

  • People benefiting from the irrigation system in Mesopotamia where not only the kings and nobility of the land, but everybody whose lands the ditches reached. The farmer’s work was made easier, their crops were growing and providing the needed food, and the whole land was stronger and happier.
  • People benefiting from a media system for Birmingham Faith Map would not only be Birmingham City Council (they reach the community better, provide valuable information in an accessible way, make an effort to reach communities). The local communities the council actually serves, as their respective faith communities, would be beneficiaries as well: a better informed, more engaged community is stronger and more confident.

Next I will present the business idea with a summarising blog post and a video pitch to give it more impact.

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