MapMyCV: a coding team as diverse as it gets

The School of Code presented their first Bootcamp recruits mid-January, with a Demo Day to show off their projects. Out of the five teams, MapMyCV stood out through its diversity and the practicality of their product: a visual, digitized CV. The team members came from as different backgrounds as it gets.

All the 19 code bootcampers came from very different environments. Particularly, MapMyCV consisted of a full time mum, Clare Streets, a warehouse worker, Hamza Ibrahim, a programmer who took time off the industry due to ill health, Chris Miller, and a refugee from Iran, Sina Dorostkar.

I interviewed three members of the MapMyCV team on how the whole Code Boocamp worked for them. Their personal stories have also sparked curiosity over what led them to dedicate four months of their lives to such intensive training.

Watch three of them talk about how team ethics pushed them forward.
(Sina  could not be present due to attending a job interview.)

The one factor these three people had in common before starting? They all found out about School of Code on Facebook.

A woman on a quest for a coding career while being a mother

Clare Streets dedicated seven years to being a full time mum. When she decided to go back into work and researched for training, the advert for Code Bootcamp popped up on her Facebook feed. She took the decision to apply without hesitation.

She confesses on how challenging it was for her to divide her time between family, part time work and full time studying. But the coding itself did not scare her away. Having previously studied Modern Languages made it easier for her, says Clare:

“It inspired me to think that is something I could do. I saw learning code is learning a new language. A lot of the processes of learning a language are quite similar. I also read about people who likened the two, and I thought: yeah, I can do that!

Watch Clare tell us about her adventure with code programming.

With the confidence gained from learning something new and challenging, as she says herself, Clare wants to find flexible work which allows her balance her family life with a fresh career. Read more about her story on the blog entry she wrote on the School of Code webpage.

From building a computer at 3, to School of Code fresh graduate

One of the very few recruits with coding experience, Chris Miller confesses a lifelong passion for computers and IT. He recalls the time when he was only 3 and his parents bought him a ZX Spectrum 48k computer. With his father’s help, he had to put the computer together, it came as a kit. This fuelled his fascination for how the different parts worked in such a technical wonder.

Watch Chris share his story of new hopes. Overcoming health difficulties, now he enhanced his knowledge and skills and is looking for new opportunities.

Read more about Chris’ story on his website.

The warehouse worker wanted to learn advance tech skills

The pay he received for his work in a warehouse was satisfactory to Hamza. However, he confesses he did not want to be stuck to doing the same repetitive thing for the rest of his life. He wanted to progress and learn something new, when a friend showed him the advert for the School of Code Bootcamp on Facebook.

Watch Hamza share his ambition to learn more and progress.

The School of Code programme inspired The Sunday Times to write about the “start-up revolution” cradled in Birmingham.


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