VIDEO INTERVIEW: Karen Price teaches belly dance in the West Midlands

I met Karen Price last year at her RaqsW6 event, the annual belly dance show in the Wolverhampton area. Professional artists from around the UK and from abroad perform at Karen’s shows, together with her local students and her Shikidim dance troupe.

Watch Karen teach her new beginners class in Perton. She talks about how the life long passion for belly dancing started and what benefits it brings to all who practice it.

A certified belly dance instructor of 11 years, Karen teaches mainly Turkish Cabaret style. She explains how she enjoys giving it a modern twist and fuse it with other forms such as Flamenco, Tango, Charleston, Jazz, Latin, Bollywood.

In her classes, Karen demonstrates different techniques and the use of props such as veils, finger cymbals, sticks, silk fan veils, Isis wings and even a sword. She also insists on how half of the dance’s success depends on the dancer’s facial expressions: they need to flirt and engage with the public, and never, never look at the floor, ceiling, or any other element of decor.

In this video, wearing an Egyptian style dress, Karen performs a veil demonstration:

When I heard Karen was starting a new belly dance class 10 minutes from where I live, I took the opportunity of joining in. The energy, the cheerfulness and the professionalism of the dancers I saw on stage at RaqsW6 met with my lasting preference for folkloric and oriental music. It also felt like a fun way to exercise and a good occasion to meet local people.

You can see me in the interview video at some point, wearing a red hip scarf and still learning the moves with the beginner’s clumsiness. Do not doubt though that I am having great fun!

(featured photo by Aspire)


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