Walk with the hobbits and life coach Maleka from Tamworth

Being a lifeguide for my natural mindfulness walks, I am passionate about providing an opportunity for my guests to feel relaxed, de-stressed, and happier and to be healthier too. Most importantly to get away for a couple hours from their busy modern day stresses so they feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

From my walks I want my guests to get a new experience each time for them to remember the special moments and of course for them to get health benefits and an opportunity for them to learn something new about a place, their self and also the environment and most importantly to have fun!

– says Maleka, life coach based in Tamworth

I met the life coacher at the Pathway2Growth networking event in Birmingham this Wednesday. And she comes across as passionate and full of positive energy. While socialising with other business owners, Maleka felt very easy to approach and talk to, a refreshing presence.

Inspired by Tolkien and reconnecting with nature

As a lover of both books and nature, and especially J.R.R Tolkien’s universe, I wanted to find out about this Hobbit walk that Maleka invited us to. She planned it to start tomorrow at 10:30, at Lickey Hills Country Park, Rednal. Maleka advises to be there 15 minutes prior to the start time. She promises to give them an opportunity to do “forest bathing”. This is meant to boost people’s immune system with the natural chemicals released into the air.

The life coach shared with Landinside photos of the area where she will take her guests tomorrow.

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