The Journalist

Land Inside started as a blog, then turned towards multimedia online journalism, focusing on human interest stories. With this final relaunch, it matures into a professional author webpage. 

Over the last 3 years, I published on the local news website Birmingham Eastside. I use multimedia and written content to cover local culture, events, activism, and faith.  Watch the video below as an example of my work. It illustrates the news about investment plan on Cornwall Street, in the core of Birmingham’s business district.

Also, as of May 2018 I became an author with I Am Birmingham, reputable independent local new website, which primarily focuses on cultural and society. Their values align with mine, and as an ethical journalist I only work with ethical publishers or media outlets.

As a journalist, I count 8+ years of experience. I started in 2005 as a reporter for the high quality newspaper Cotidianul in Romania. Before this, I was a high school teacher with a lifelong passion for writing. I went for an initial trial of one month in this completely new and fascinating field.
After one month, I fell into despair. I knew how to write my poetry, but not journalism!
Another month in and  I was offered a permanent contract and was encouraged to persevere.
After three months, I felt like I grasped the basics. I never stopped learning.

I gained valuable experience at Cotidianul, in the culture department. My designated areas of duty were theatre and literature, interviewing actors and directors, and attending festivals. The best time there happened at the beginning of 2006: the newspaper launched a number of supplements dedicated to culture, politics, society, economy. As the most progressive publication of its time, it focused in covering the new generation of highly skilled people.

The review I wrote on “Terorism”, a play by young independent director Gianina Carbunariu, was re-published by HotnewsThe old archive of Cotidianul does not seem available any longer.

My best achievement: a record of Romanian resorts decay

My best experience in the Romanian media, however, came with the News and Travel Editor position at Terra Magazinthe local equivalent of National Geographic. It relied mainly on contributor work from an impressive display of academic and specialist authors, and dominated the Romanian market for 15 years. I supported the Editor-in-Chief in running it. My job consisted in editing half of the content, gathering and publishing the daily news online, and planning new editorial projects.

I still count my major achievement there as one I am very proud of. I initiated a series of 14 articles about the fate of the Romanian resorts. Some of them boast a history dating in the Roman Antiquity, for their mineral and thermal waters as well as natural gas. All of these resources posses know curative properties for different long term conditions. Unfortunately, many of the historical resorts are still falling to ruin under the indifference and corruption of new government.
Named “The Resorts Desert”, the series presented stories of success found again – Mangalia, on the Romanian seaside, but also many cases of former holiday places left to decay – Herculane. See below images of the actual magazine pages. The series documents the history of the best and the most forgotten holiday places in my home country.

I have now graduated my MA degree in Online Journalism with Paul Bradshaw at Birmingham City University. My knowledge and skills expanded into multimedia and data journalism, as well as professional use of social media and Analytics. My media focus remains with video production, use of video for social causes and marketing, and vlogging.