REPUBLISHED: 116-year-old butchers in Ringwood criticise supermarkets for “conning” customers

We have republished this story, which first appeared on, before moving to a new domain. A story of the oldest butchers in Ringwood, Hampshire, still serving a loyal clientele, as it seems, after more than a century since the first shop was opened in the family. 

Read and watch the immersive story of Michael Charles Drew Patterson, who has been running oldest family business in Ringwood for decades. He warns against types of tricks used by supermarkets and says they cannot compete with a local butcher shop such as his.

Watch here the whole interview with Mr. Patterson, telling his business and family history, and also about his work experience aboard Queen Elisabeth. Getting $200 dollars tip from a rich lady for caring for her pet came as a very generous bonus.

With this story, I launch a new series of reports on local businesses in Hampshire and Dorset, as well as Birmingham to follow. You will be able to read and watch the story of an art gallery in Weymouth, as well as of a franchise cafe as an alternative in Birmingham.

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