The sweetest superhero around, Ant-Man, keeps the humour… with a twist

When Ant-Man and The Wasp ended, I realised what I liked most about this series. This atypical superhero makes the sweetest, most innocent and heart warming movies. But the second part sets a special twist on the scene. If you have already watched it, you know what I am talking about. If you haven’t, I won’t spoil it for you. 

Remember the best review of Infinity War? Maybe you haven’t watched it, but here we go. And don’t worry, it doesn’t spoil anything. All I can tell you is that you will find the connection with the twist to the new Ant-Man movie.

MaximBady, one of my favourite online comedians, started as a Birmingham-based YouTuber
and ended up with nearly 2 million subscribers and a show on BBC3. 

A big child plays hero for his loving daughter

Precisely, the sweet naive humour makes Ant-Man’s charm, without falling into the cheap kitsch of certain American action movies. Picture him in your head as he plays with his daughter, using his imagination to overcome difficult circumstances. For yes, now sentenced to house arrest, Scott stays positive by finding new ways to keep his daughter entertained. Can you think of anything sweeter than a dad superhero building an action trail for his little one? I, personally, struggle to come up with anything else than, possibly, cats videos.

But then something sweeter makes the icing of this perfect superhero cupcake. The daughter herself supports her rogue father to save the world while braking house arrest. Sure, it might be cheesy, unrealistic, too much Hollywood-like for certain tastes. Still, can you argue that every father seems invincible and on top of the world for a loving daughter?

Call me childish, but I’ll admit I could not stop laughing at the ping pong paddle end of this fighting scene in the first movie:

Stuck with the same gang of sidekick losers?

As the sweet, apparently your nice dude next door, Ant-Man keeps his most unusual sidekicks. You might have wondered why these guys have no superpowers, as other members of a superhero gang do. At least Batman has his money and tech, but them? Scott seems stuck with his unsuccessful hood gang. If I remember correctly from the first movie, his Latino mate Louis got convicted for stealing the sweets vending machine. Also, the Russian sounds and acts like a failed geek, who never made it to Uni. But besides their obvious flaws, these guys share two traits placing them on the good side: they mean no harm, and are extremely genuine.

Now, we find them running a security company and things turn again to their favour of course. Watch the movie and you will discover Louis’ superpower. I did, so if you cannot figure it out, ask and I will reveal it to you.

Pain and isolation: making a villain, growing a hero

Now, not even the villain in the movie turns out to be really evil. Just a tortured girl, Ghost portrays what continuous pain and isolation do to people. When they hope for nothing more or less than to ease their own suffering, convinced that nobody gives a toss about them, people’s self-preservation instinct might override any other considerations. A grain of a political lesson lays in this, if we look at how Trump and Brexit happened to their countries. While we cannot foresee the future of the American presidency or the UK economy, the most feel-good superhero movie reserves a positive outcome for the tortured Ghost.

Presenting possibly one of the most haunting villain suits, Ghost turns out to be
nothing but a tortured girl.

The two scientists, the old Ant-Man and his Wasp wife, get reunited. 

On the other hand, suffering turned Janet van Dyne, played by Michelle Pfeiffer, into an enhanced hero scientist. In her case, isolation worked as preached by monks and ascetics: it increased her knowledge, understanding, self-control and power. With two sides of the same coin, one difference stands out. Ava/Ghost experienced continuous pain as a child who also lost her family. Suffering can leave devastating effects on a child’s mind and growing-up.

As for the choice of actors, both my partner and I preferred Michelle Pfeiffer as Cat Woman. Something in her features seems to spell not pure good, not completely on the side of light. And the austere luminosity of science shadows these features of a beauty with a tinge of naughtiness.

Nearly, but not exactly spoilers

Because it’s easier, I will just make a list with a few favourite details I keep in mind: 

  • Paul Rudd’s performance playing Janet, who takes hold of his mind for a while, stands out as one of the most  humorous delicacies in the movie. Also, he plays the scene with brilliance.
  • I kept waiting for Louis to get his suit. Maybe in the next film.
  • The truth serum trick really worked for me.
  • I burst into laughter, again, even now when I remember Ant-Man paddling down the boulevard on a platform truck turned into a scooter (right)
  • When we reached the after the cast part, at first I did not understand where everyone had gone. Took me completely by surprise. My partner pointed out. And I had my biggest Ahaaaa! moment in my history as a superhero movies fan.


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