Month: February 2019


WEDNESDAY REVIEW: Incursion into the origins of American Gothic and crime fiction

Romantic, alcoholic, interested in crime and the supernatural, makes a (poor) living out of writing – do you recognise the character? After decades, I rediscovered this American and cracked his secret. And I will share it with you in this review. If you are a bookaholic, just like me and the FRIDAY NIGHT (re)VIEWERS, you…


FRIDAY NIGHT (re)VIEWERS: “No Map Could Show Them” by Helen Mort

When he read my recent review on Fitzgerald’s Tender is the night, John Mills (photo below) said he would like to write a review piece himself. As one thing led to another, the FRIDAY NIGHT (re)VIEWERS. We open today a new category on this website, where my book loving friends will publish reviews about their favourite, or…