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  • a UK and Romania exploration
  • through culture, society and history.
The Journalist

The Journalist

I told the stories of Romanian spa resorts and theater actors. Now I tell you stories of West Midlands&more.

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The Writer

The Writer

I started writing at the age of 9. Two poetry books published in Romanian, now I work on two novels in English inspired by my family history.

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The Traveller

The Traveller

Prague, Copenhagen, Berlin, Istanbul, New Orleans - I visited all of them and wondered with a heart wide open at their beauty and personality.

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Hacking into health data: what RnR run Wellness Hackday in Birmingham produced

What is a hackday and how can it help improve well-being? A bunch of professionals with a background in health care, coaching, non-profit, digital tech and journalism researched a few health related data sets available. Also, a number of participants brought their own ideas on board, discussed and looked at available information. The Wellness Hackday…

Living with a serious condition: how the NHS can help and how it can fail

When we talk about health care, the NHS, health and wellbeing data behind it all, we research to understand the situation better. Also, data can help us find better possible solutions. At the same time, data comes alive with people’s stories. They can empower, but also trigger debate and point out cracks in the system.…

SATURDAY REVIEW: The sweetest superhero around, Ant-Man, keeps the humour… with a twist

When Ant-Man and The Wasp ended, I realised what I liked most about this series. This atypical superhero makes the sweetest, most innocent and heart warming movies. But the second part sets a special twist on the scene. If you have already watched it, you know what I am talking about. If you haven’t, I won’t spoil…

What makes good doctors – 3 top qualities, from personal experience

I have known doctors and hospitals since the age of 1 year and 10 months, due to asthma and severe bronchitis. My memory keeps no record of the first prolonged stay in the Children’s Hospital in Timisoara, Romania. But I clearly remember the mixture of disappointment with resignation when I felt life draining out of…

Back to school: from Victorian childhood through communism to contemporary UK

My partner’s daughter, Rosie, goes to high school starting this year! Her first day there, last week, sounded a bit scary and disappointing, but now she comes back home with a glint in her eyes and a knowing smile in the corners of her mouth. She reminds me of when, exactly her age, I won…

“We know each other’s dark secrets” – says Scarlett Ward about the Black Country poetry scene

She organizes the spoken word events, on the last Thursday of every month, at Caffe del Nino in Cannock. Nominated at the Saboteur Awards 2018, providing nation wide recognition to open mic events, Scarlett’s evenings stand out through diversity, intensity and poetry quality. A soon to be published poet herself, she praises the local scene…

3 years towards an MA degree in Online Journalism. Graduation day!

What does it mean to graduate a Master’s degree at a British university, as an adult migrant student?  Studying for 3 years as a part time student, facing difficulties and financial struggle, but enjoying great academic teaching and environment, I revelled in my recent graduation. Achieving the MA in Online Journalism with Paul Bradshaw equals reaching the summit…

Letter to the world about grandma

Written today, this poem comes as it is. It might be part of a series, it might be just a one off. If you read it all, you will understand why.  the whiff of hot cocoa milk and a strange little childhood in a communist flat the whiff of hot cocoa milk two furry faces…