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  • a UK and Romania exploration
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The Journalist

The Journalist

I told the stories of Romanian spa resorts and theater actors. Now I tell you stories of West Midlands&more.

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The Writer

The Writer

I started writing at the age of 9. Two poetry books published in Romanian, now I work on two novels in English inspired by my family history.

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The Traveller

The Traveller

Prague, Copenhagen, Berlin, Istanbul, New Orleans - I visited all of them and wondered with a heart wide open at their beauty and personality.

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WEDNESDAY REVIEW: Incursion into the origins of American Gothic and crime fiction

Romantic, alcoholic, interested in crime and the supernatural, makes a (poor) living out of writing – do you recognise the character? After decades, I rediscovered this American and cracked his secret. And I will share it with you in this review. If you are a bookaholic, just like me and the FRIDAY NIGHT (re)VIEWERS, you…


FRIDAY NIGHT (re)VIEWERS: “No Map Could Show Them” by Helen Mort

When he read my recent review on Fitzgerald’s Tender is the night, John Mills (photo below) said he would like to write a review piece himself. As one thing led to another, the FRIDAY NIGHT (re)VIEWERS. We open today a new category on this website, where my book loving friends will publish reviews about their favourite, or…


WEDNESDAY REVIEW: How Fitzgerald’s second American dream ends in middle age crisis

Over dinner on offer at Cafe Rouge a few weeks ago, I was talking to my poet friend John Mills about the book I had just finished at the time. Re-reading Tender is the night, first time in English, I decided it still is my favourite of Fitzgerald‘s work. Also, more importantly, neither I, nor my…


SATURDAY REVIEW: Star Trek – Next Generation, the saga of humans in service to science & society

If I were to choose one thing to define Star Trek – Next Generation by, I wouldn’t hesitate. What, or better said, who else could it be other than the one character who held the news in August 2018 with his return? Obviously, I’m talking about Captain Jean-Luc Picard.  As I have already confessed in…

WEDNESDAY REVIEW: How my sci-fi history started in early childhood… with a book

Do you remember your favourite book character as a toddler? And what genre the book was? Even children’s books go by genres, and mine was a particular mix of interstellar fantasy. From there, my sci-fi history just carried on, naturally.    Titled The Little Fire Horse (I mention it in my childhood memoirs fragment here),…

SATURDAY REVIEW. From Star Trek to Westworld: the evolution of sci-fi series (as I know it)

Since the Star Trek convention at the NEC Birmingham, last month, I meant to write about the evolution of sci-fi series as I have experienced it. I became as a fan of Next Generation right after the fall of communism in Romania, in 1989. And in recent years I caught up with most of the other big…

Poetry performance at Stafford Poetry Slam – October 2018

My first time at Stafford Poetry Slam, I performed this poem in the first round. I  went through to the the final, where I came second. I haven’t done many slams before, despite writing since childhood, so I am very pleased with the result.  Trying to decide what poems could fit with this event, I…

Hacking into health data: what RnR run Wellness Hackday in Birmingham produced

What is a hackday and how can it help improve well-being? A bunch of professionals with a background in health care, coaching, non-profit, digital tech and journalism researched a few health related data sets available. Also, a number of participants brought their own ideas on board, discussed and looked at available information. The Wellness Hackday…